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Hello Everyone!  Welcome to Wind Catcher RC.  I am getting everything ready and hoping to have EPP foam for sale by Monday, 18 June.

I am starting with a small batch of #1.3 EPP foam to get the business started.  Nearly all my profits from this first lot of foam will be put back into the business so I can have more stock and also eventually get #1.9 EPP.  I am also looking into other types of foam that might help out the RC hobby.

Hit the SHOP button above to check out what I will have available.  I am still deciding on pricing, however I think these prices are what I will start out with.

One issue I’m running into is how to best ship the foam to customers.  Boxes are a lot more expensive than anticipated.  I am trying to find the best option that can save my customers money.  Currently it looks like a 36″x24″x6″ box is about $4 each once I get it.  If anyone has any suggestions one how best to ship the foam or where to buy inexpensive boxes, please leave it in the comments.

I also have several RC plane design prototypes.  I am hoping to eventually have those for sale on this website.

Thanks for visiting and please come back soon.

Lee Krieger

Wind Catcher RC

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