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Website improvements, EPP sheet foam, and Google

Improving our site

Today we made some website improvements giving the site a new fresh look.  Let me know what you think.  The top header changed to a light blue and we added our new logo to the top.  The right column was removed and a new column on the left side was added with a menu list of our categories and products for easier product searching.  We hope our website improvements are more aesthetically pleasing and give a better user experience.

Some products are missing photographs.  We are planning to fix this soon. 

We are limited a bit by using a free theme for WooCommerce and WordPress.  In time as business improves, we hope to invest in a better looking theme to give our customers a better shopping experience.

EPP sheet foam

This Fall and Winter we will be adding more choices for EPP foam. Our foam slicer is capable of cutting custom thicknesses up to one inch in both #1.3 and #1.9 EPP foam. Wind Catcher RC will carry a full selection from 3mm up to 1″ of #1.3 and #1.9 in both white and black EPP foam. We can also wire cut EPP foam up to 6″ in thickness.

Help with Google

I don’t know why, but our website in the last few months fell several pages behind on the Google searches. I’m hoping these new changes will help us recover in the search engine optimization. If you know of anything obvious we missed or could improve on, please let us know.

Please help us out by spreading the word about Wind Catcher RC. We really appreciate it.


Please join us in our new group, WCRC Airforce.

2 thoughts on “Website improvements, EPP sheet foam, and Google

  1. I need a #1.9 30mm thick. L×w 36″×36″ can you make that?

    1. Yes, I can make that. I will email you with some more details.

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