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Update, 2″ EPP is here, and Spec Wing

2 inch EPP

I picked up a pallet of new EPP foam.  It currently sits in the back of my enclosed trailer waiting to be processed and cut down for sale.  If all goes well, I will have 2″ foam (LINK HERE) back in stock and ready for sale by Friday evening (Nov 2).Foam in trailer

Spec Wing

I am nearing completion on the Spec Wing prototypes.  I sent another prototype out for testing 2 days ago to Bobby at Thrust FPV.  Both he and Donny plan to assemble, test it, and give feedback.  I am hoping to start producing these in about 2 weeks.  Part of the foam order I picked up yesterday has foam set aside for Spec Wing kits. These FPV wings fall within the specifications listed at the FPVWRA website.Spec Wing


Things were a bit crazy here over the last several weeks.  We had a family emergency which put me behind on a lot of work I need to do with both the foam and other things.  If you didn’t know already, I also have a 1 acre garden and also a wood working business.  We produce primarily Asian vegetables for personal use, however we also sell to people in the Asian community.  My wife returned home to Thailand just as we were harvesting which left the majority of work for me to get everything in before the first hard frost killed everything.  We purchased 10 acres over 1 1/2 years ago which has the 1 acre garden. Eventually we will pay off the 10 acres and have our new workshop and house built out there.  The 10 acres is currently a hay field. The wide open space provides the perfect location for testing new designs and having friends over to fly.

I’m finally back on track with everything.  I still have a few custom back orders to take care of, however I’m back to designing and hoping to have three different planes kits available by the end of November.

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