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10% off EPP Holiday sale, carbon fiber, and UPS update

10% off EPP Holiday Sale

From now until the beginning of 2019 we are offering a 10% off holiday sale for all our #1.3 EPP foam.  The current sale price already reflects the 10% off sale.  If you are buying in bulk, please contact us for better pricing.  Now you can build your project out of EPP sheet foam and save money in the process.  Click HERE to start shopping now.

Here’s a tip for sorting.  Due to the service we use for listing our products on the website, we can not easily sort by size, however there is a trick you can use.  Since the foam progressively cost more as the size increases, you can sort by price low to high to get the foam to sort by size low to high.  Hope this helps in your search to find the foam that will best fit your project.

UPS update

I believe we have things sorted out with UPS.  I think the shipping rates are finally fixed, so what you see should be what UPS is actually charging us when we go through our account and pay for the shipping labels.  If there is any difference between what you pay and the actual price, we will refund the difference to our customers.   You welcome to contact us at any time if you would like us to verify the actual shipping cost.  Currently the best way to reach us is through our Facebook page.  You can find us by searching for Wind Catcher RC or click HERE.

Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber strips and rods were added to the website recently (LINK HERE).  We have limited sizes, however we plan to expand as we find out what is most widely used.  We can offer a bulk discount on orders over 100.  Please contact us if you need more carbon fiber or sizes that we don’t have listed on the website.  I have access to quite a few different sizes, but with limited funds from starting up my own business, I can not carry everything in stock.  I can beat most retail prices. Currently the best way to contact us is through our Facebook page. We hope to add a form to the website eventually, but for now you can find our Facebook page HERE.

Assorted sizes of carbon fiber strips and rods.
Assorted Carbon Fiber strips and rods