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#1.3 Black EPP going up for sale today.

black #1.3 EPP foam

I will be putting black #1.3 EPP up for sale today.  I’m working on editing pictures and pricing.  All sheets are 36″ x 24″.  The sheets vary in thickness from 3mm – 2″ and should be available by this evening.

Check out these two stacks sitting in our spare room.  They both go clear to the ceiling!  I have a bit of 9mm white under the one of the stacks.

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9mm and STEAM program in Vietnam

9mm, #1.3, EPP is now available for purchase.  I will update the picture in the next few days.

This past week has been quite busy!  I had a friend visit us from Vietnam.  She is a teacher in Vietnam and was here in the US for STEAM training.  STEAM is Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math.  They added the A to the STEM.  For part of her visit I took her to our training day at our local RC flying field.  There she learned how to fly the Apprentice through our wireless buddy system.  She had tons of fun with it.  We also talked about how we can help her after she goes back.  She will talk to her school about the possibility of having me go to Vietnam for 1 or 2 weeks to help teach RC planes in a STEAM setting to kids K-12.  I know Flite Test has a great curriculum, so I will start there and see what we can do to help out my friend in Vietnam.

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3mm EPP Already cut


Great news, I’m sorting through all the #1.3 EPP foam I picked up a few days ago from my vendor.  So far we’ve already cut the 3mm down to size and have it ready for sale.  I’ll populate the quantity on the website sometime on Monday.  Check out this stack of 3mm foam.  Today we’ll be cutting a whole lot more foam and hope to have it all ready for Monday.