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World Record Attempts and other information

We are nearly finished moving into our new workshop space.  We are unpacking and organizing our inventory onto new storage shelves so packing your orders will be faster than before.  We will also have more space to increase our inventory.  After I get back from Denver, I’ll process more EPP foam and replenish our stock and keep our inventory up so you don’t need to wait so long for our next batch.  I apologize for the inconvenience and delays in getting our EPP back up on the website.

Thank you to everyone who came out to our Fun Fly August 5th.  Overall it was a great success with quite a few people who showed up to fly in our community of RC aircraft.  Thank you to those who demonstrated with their special aircraft like the turbine powered Pilatus, sail plane, large helicopters, and others.  Congratulations to all of our raffle winners.  And hope you enjoyed the taco bar for dinner.

This year Wind Catcher RC sponsored several activities and aircraft.  Another sponsored build we did was Ben Harber’s A-26.  Wind Catcher RC cut out the entire plane for Ben.  He designed it and built it.  We also provided the batteries, carbon fiber, and some other parts.  Ben is hoping to maiden the plane very soon.  Good luck Ben!!
Follow Ben Harber on YouTube by clicking HERE.

We have also been working closely in secrecy with Joshua Finn from J&H Aerospace for over 9 months on a project.  We are attempting multiple world record attempts through several organizations with an aircraft.  The aircraft is already built and test flown a few times for trimming.  It’s truly amazing!  More information on this after our event and we can report on real numbers and what this all means.  Until then, we’ll allow you to speculate based on the 3 (2) view found below.  Wish us luck in Denver!!
Check out J&H Aerospace (Josh and Hope Finn) by clicking HERE.

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FPVWRA Spec Wing cores with balsa elevons.

We finally have the FPVWRA Spec Wings ready for sale. To get started, we are selling the #1.3 EPP wing cores with elevons only. This is not a complete kit. We are working out the details for the complete kit which should be finished very soon. Our first kit put up for sale for the 2018 year… just hours before 2019. :)

To check out what is FPVWRA, click HERE.

To go shopping and buy the first several Spec Wing cores, click HERE.

FPVWRA Spec Wing
Spec Wing
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2019 Prices and shipping

UPS increased shipping charges for 2019 which will effect shipping EPP sheet foam. Recently UPS contacted Wind Catcher RC informing us of an increase in the price to ship foam in 2019. We have no control over shipping costs, however we decided to lower the prices of our foam to help our customers continue to afford EPP sheet foam for their various projects. The 2019 price for foam is lowered by 10% compared to the 2018 prices. We hope this helps and we hope you consider Wind Catcher RC for your future EPP foam and Carbon Fiber.

Please spread the word about Wind Catcher RC.

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Update, 2″ EPP is here, and Spec Wing

2 inch EPP

I picked up a pallet of new EPP foam.  It currently sits in the back of my enclosed trailer waiting to be processed and cut down for sale.  If all goes well, I will have 2″ foam (LINK HERE) back in stock and ready for sale by Friday evening (Nov 2).Foam in trailer

Spec Wing

I am nearing completion on the Spec Wing prototypes.  I sent another prototype out for testing 2 days ago to Bobby at Thrust FPV.  Both he and Donny plan to assemble, test it, and give feedback.  I am hoping to start producing these in about 2 weeks.  Part of the foam order I picked up yesterday has foam set aside for Spec Wing kits. These FPV wings fall within the specifications listed at the FPVWRA website.Spec Wing


Things were a bit crazy here over the last several weeks.  We had a family emergency which put me behind on a lot of work I need to do with both the foam and other things.  If you didn’t know already, I also have a 1 acre garden and also a wood working business.  We produce primarily Asian vegetables for personal use, however we also sell to people in the Asian community.  My wife returned home to Thailand just as we were harvesting which left the majority of work for me to get everything in before the first hard frost killed everything.  We purchased 10 acres over 1 1/2 years ago which has the 1 acre garden. Eventually we will pay off the 10 acres and have our new workshop and house built out there.  The 10 acres is currently a hay field. The wide open space provides the perfect location for testing new designs and having friends over to fly.

I’m finally back on track with everything.  I still have a few custom back orders to take care of, however I’m back to designing and hoping to have three different planes kits available by the end of November.

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Update shipping EPP foam, Spec Wing , and Citabria


I’ve been quite busy over the last month.  Thank you to everyone for your great support and words of encouragement.  My friends and family are wonderful to help me get through the first stages of starting up a new business selling EPP foam.  Special thank you to my wife for understanding and allowing me to store all our EPP foam in the…. dining room and spare room.  :)  She is wonderful!  We are hoping in a few more years to build a new house on our 10 acre field we bought outside of town.  This will provide a better space for the foam business and a nice field for testing.


I know one of the biggest difficulties for my customers is the cost of shipping for the EPP foam.  This is out of my control.  I wish I could provide a less expensive option.  I’m open to suggestions.  I looked into Greyhound, however I read a lot of really bad experiences.  If a customer really wanted me to use them, I would, however I am putting a huge disclaimer that I am not responsible for any damage or loss due to Greyhound’s terrible customer service and practices.

Another option I have is to cut the EPP foam 36×24 sheets down further to fit in a smaller box.

Do you have any other shipping suggestions?


The first EPP Spec Wing prototype flew at the ReadyMadeRC FPVfest a few weeks ago.  I heard from my test pilots Donny and Bob at ThrustFPV that the wing did well overall on building experience and flying, except that the EPP foam live hinge was not strong enough to pull out of the turns.  I have balsa trailing edges on order and in transit for testing on prototype #2.  If this works out, then I hope to have the kits available soon.

A huge thank you to Donny and Bob for testing this out for me and giving me great feed back.  I hope to provide the best possible build and flying experience.


The EPP foam Citabria flew again after an improved firewall was installed.  I learned how to better use my light duty mill on my CNC to accurately cut light plywood.  Using this technique I was able to accurately cut a new firewall that also better tied into the front of the fuselage.

On the initial launch I was dealing with some tail heavy issues, however after adjusting the battery I was able to get a lot of great data from the flight.  I flew it in about 15-20mph winds and it surprisingly did okay consider the EPP wing is a huge barn door and the entire plane is light.  It really likes to float in the air at lower speeds.

I am working out the details of prototype #2 along with building techniques that should speed up the build process for the end user.  I would like the entire plane to go together, if using a hot glue gun, in less than an hour.   The electronics would then need to be installed followed by optional paint/film covering.