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UPS and Pictures

I plan to add UPS as a method of shipping.  I’m hoping to get to this in the next day or two.  I now have a business account with UPS.

If you are buying in bulk, please contact me I will give a discount for large orders.

For now, the best method to contact me is through Facebook using the link on the right.

I will soon carry #1.3 EPP in black also!

I also plan to update the pictures of the EPP in the next few days.

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EPP will soon be available

Great news!  I picked up my first load of EPP today.  My first impression is wow, this stuff looks great.  I will know more in the next few days as I go through all of it and cut it down to size.  I’m really excited and hope I have enough for everyone who is asking about it.  I am already talking to my vendor about a second order which will include some #1.9 and maybe some black #1.3.

My vendor and I also talked about adhesives.  He gave me a sample of something I’ve never tried before.  I’m doing some testing on the EPP over the next few days.  If it works, I’ll talk more about it later.

I’m still hoping to have sheets of EPP available for sale by Monday or sooner.

Thanks to everyone for your support, suggestions, and help.  Visit us on Facebook too.