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Progress on the Citabria, 9mm, and more.

The 4′ EPP Citabria is coming along, though slower than I anticipated due a few issues.  The angle of my hotwire CNC is not as sharp as I would like.  It took me a few days to figure out a different way to cut out part of the wing section.  I finally got it a few days ago.  I am also having some software glitches with my plugin I use for getting the g-code for the mill on my CNC.  That issue I think is now solved too as of a few hours ago today.  I’m making progress, though slower than I had hoped.  I can say, though, that I am quite happy so far with the wing.  If everything goes well tomorrow, fingers crossed, I should have the wing completely cut out of EPP.  I’ll try to get a picture up in another day or two.

I have the 9mm already cut to dimension.  I have not had the time to get it up for sale here on the website.  I should have that up sometime on Wednesday.

Black EPP is in the process of getting ordered.  I am waiting for the final quote from my supplier, then I’ll send them the money.  Hopefully we’ll have a lot of black EPP for sale soon too.

Please check us out on Facebook and give us a LIKE.  Facebook is currently the best method of contacting us.  I will eventually have an email form customers can fill out.