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Summer 2020 Updates

Wind Catcher RC is moving! Hurray!

We are excited that we'll be expanding our work space by over 4x. The papers will be signed tomorrow for our new property which will give us 10 acres, three out buildings for the business, and a larger house than what we currently live in. The location for the new property is only a few minutes away from our current house, so the move will be fairly easy, however there is a significant amount of things we need to move. There are several improvements we need to do to the new space before we move in.

Out of Stock?

You might have noticed the website is out of stock on several items. These will be replenished as soon as we finish our move and get settled into the new location. I have a trailer currently completely full of foam that will require processing down to the needed thickness. It is our hope to have all of this done by the middle of September. If you are in urgent need of foam currently not available on the website, please contact me to see if I am able to get it cut for you and shipped out. All colors and densities in larger blocks are sitting in storage or in my trailer.

Any order placed from the website will be fulfilled as quickly as possible and shipped out within 2 business days of the order.

Carbon Fiber

A new order for Carbon Fiber is being placed with our supplier by the end of the week.  I hope to have this order here by October. Carbon Fiber has been taking a while to get here from my supplier due to shipping difficulties because of the virus causing fewer flights from China. If you are in need of a size we currently do not list, please contact me to see if I can get it into the next order.

New Kit - The Gladiator

The Gladiator is the next kit we'll have available soon.  It is currently being beta tested and in the hands of several people. This plane is being designed to be rugged and a great second plane for the newer pilots. The Gladiator is a flying wing with a wide flight envelope to allow for slow flights up to 60 mph. It will fly on a 3s – 1300mah battery on an APC 7x5 or 7x6 prop. The build process should be fairly easy for the new builder and a breeze for those who have built foam planes in the past. We are building this plane be strong enough to withstand full contact combat.  While no plane is indestructible, the Gladiator should hold up well to abuse and easy to repair.