XT-60 Battery Covers

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XT-60 battery covers

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These 3D printed XT-60 battery covers are a great way to keep your charged and discharged batteries organized at home or at the field.  The press on with a gentle push slipping over the XT-60 connector.  To remove, hold the XT-60 battery covers by the tabs at their base and give a slight tug and wiggle for the covers to release from the connector. Be sure you are not pressing on the tabs.

The GREEN and ORANGE filament is UV reactive.  This means if you miss placed them or they fell into the grass at your flying site, pull out a UV (black) light and they should be easily found.

Sold in packs of 10.  You will receive five UV reactive Green and five UV reactive Orange.

WARNING: Never flex the tabs outward, they will break if bent too far.

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