Small Hand Toss Glider

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small hand toss glider

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These durable hand toss gliders are great for kids. They’ll be a hit at birthday parties and other events. They are strong enough to withstand the punishment kids will give them for a long time. While no toy is indestructible, as long as these are thrown in an open area, they will last a long time.
The gliders come in Blue, Red, Yellow, and Orange. When you order, you will receive a random color unless you message us before the order ships. There is no guarantee you will get the color requested due to availability. We’ll do our best to communicate and ensure your satisfaction.
NOTE: These gliders are TAIL HEAVY. If you are buying them for kids, they’ll loop due to being tail heavy. Kids love to see them loop and do tricks. For best results, throw into the wind.

RC: If you are purchasing these to convert to RC, you’ll need nose weight to get level flight. Usually a motor and battery can help get the proper CG. Be sure to mount servos as far forward as possible.

WINGSPAN: 36cm (~14.25 inches)
Fuselage length: 36cm (~14.25 inches)

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