Lazer Rod Pushrods and Exit

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Lazer Rod Pushrods and Exit
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Using a highly controlled process, DU-BRO has devised a way to stabilize the Push Rod material so that neither heat nor cold has much effect on trim settings. In fact, in our tests, we found less growth or shrinkage than any plastic pushrod on the market. The red outer housing has 6 contact point giving the inner push rod a smooth positive control. Inner pushrod is translucent in color to better match your color scheme and give your model a more realistic look.

The complete set includes all items needed to assemble and install your Lazer Rod pushrod system. (QTY/PKG: 2 assemblies )

Use the #502 Lazer Rod Pushrod Exit in conjunction with our Lazer Rods to give your aircraft a clean look!

Made in USA

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36" Lazer Rods, 48" Lazer Rods, Lazer Rod Pushrod Exit


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