Laminate film cover – 3mil thick – 27″ wide x 6′ long roll

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3-mil doc lam film

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Glossy clear laminate film cover.  Protect your EPP or EPO foam planes with this DuPont® polyester film with a co-polymer thermally activated adhesive.

Thickness = 3 mil
Width = 27″
Length = 6′
Weight = about 0.55 ounces (15.6 grams) per foot
Recommended temps = Tack around 200F and full adhesion around 230-240F.  Temps may be different based on the film iron you are using.
Color = Clear

Need another length? Send us a message.  Price for custom lengths is $1.25 per foot.

NOTE:  Glossy side is the outside.  Matte side is the “glue” co-polymer heat activated adhesive side goes down against the foam.

Also known as docu-lam or document laminate.
Great for covering EPP and other foam planes.  We use this in several of our kits like the Gladiator and Spec Wing.
We recommend applying 3M 90 or 3M 77 spray adhesive first.  Always test your foam’s compatibility with the spray adhesive before applying.
When it tacks up apply the film covering.  We like to set the film covering at a lower temp on the entire plane and then turn the heat up a little bit to tack down the entire sheet of film to the surface of the plane and have it shrink down a bit.  Be sure you don’t heat the plane too much or you could melt the foam under the laminate or when the laminate shrinks it could cause a warp or twist.

Additional information

Weight3.3 oz
Dimensions13.5 × 1 × 1 in


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