FPVWRA Spec Wing

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FPVWRA Spec Wing

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NOTE: This kit is no longer being produced. Please see the RESPECT spec wing. This was our original spec wing kit. We improved on it and are now selling the ReSPECt. We are leaving this up to support those who purchased the original kits.

Are you new to flying a wing or Spec Class?  This wing is for you.  Our intention is to provide a Spec Wing that is durable and flies well.  It is designed to handle crashes well so while you are learning and hit the dirt you have a better chance of getting back in the air in just a few moments.

If you are buying 3 or more, please contact us for a 5% discount and possible better rate on shipping.

The Wind Catcher Spec Wing kit will require assembly.

You will need to supply your own electronics based on your needs or to meet specifications for FPVWRA racing.  Regardless of your build, I recommend metal gear servos, preferably 12 gram.
Suggested adhesives are 3M-77 spray, Gorilla Glue, Starbond CA glue, and Goop or E-6000.

Left and Right wing halves, #1.3 EPP foam
2 – Balsa Elevons
2 – Carbon Fiber Main spars, 3mm x 18″ ROD
2 – Carbon Fiber Leading Edge spars, 10mm x 1mm x 500mm STRIP
1 – Carbon Fiber Front Spar, 10mm x 1mm x 7.5″ STRIP
4 – Carbon Fiber Trailing Edge spars, 2mm x 500mm ROD
3D printed PETG motor mount
3D printed PETG winglets
Z-bend control rods
Quick connect
Control horns with screws
6′ of 3 mil covering film

Disclaimer:  Due to the many variables in customer’s building technique of the plane and adhesives used, we can not give any warranties to the durability of the plane.  We have built and crash tested several prototypes to make the strongest spar system that we know how to provide.  The plane is not indestructible.  Catastrophic crashes or electronic equipment failure could result in heavy damage.
We do guarantee the kit to be complete and good quality of all the parts listed.

NACA 0014 airfoil
Wingspan: 36″
Wing Sweep: 12″
Root Chord: 9″
Tip Chord: 6″
Material: #1.3 white EPP foam
Spars:  Carbon Fiber
3D parts are PETG

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