FPVWRA Spec Wing


FPVWRA Spec Wing

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More information will be placed here soon.

This is a kit you will be required to put together yourself.

The first Spec Wing prototype is shipped for testing.  I hope to have this kit ready and for sale in a few weeks.  What you should expect is all the hardware required to get the wing built and ready.  You will supply your own electronics based on your needs or to meet specifications for FPVWRA racing.  Regardless of your build, I recommend metal gear servos, preferably 12 gram.

Note:  An updated picture will replace the current picture once the kit is finalized to accurately reflect what exactly is in the kit.  The current picture is the prototype and parts may change before we are ready to sell production kits.

Left and Right wing halves
Carbon Fiber
Plywood motor mount
Metal control rods with Z-bend
Quick connect
Control horns with screws
Covering film

NACA 0014 airfoil
Wingspan: 36″
Wing Sweep: 12″
Root Chord: 9″
Tip Chord: 6″
Material: #1.3 white EPP foam
Spars:  Carbon Fiber


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