ESC Program Card FVT-AS PC A II

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FVT Program card

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ESC programming card specifically for Favourite (Huavorui) brand Electronic Speed Controllers (ESC).

Step 1) For use only with Favourite brand ESCs
Step 2) Plugin the ESC servo lead into the card.  Please be aware of the correct pin locations.  Signal is white/yellow.  Ground is usually black/brown.  Red (voltage) is center.
Step 3) If using an ESC with a built in BEC/SBEC, plug the battery into the ESC that is attached to the program card.
If the ESC does not have a built in BEC/SBEC, you will need to provide power (+5vdc) to the program card with a separate BEC through the BATT (battery) pins.
Step 4) Using the arrow buttons on the bottom of the program card, select the desired settings.  The flashing LED indicates which option is currently selected.
Step 5) Be very sure to click “OK” when done to save the settings.

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