ECO II 2306 – 1700, 1900, 2400kv EMAX Brushless Motor

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ECO II 2306

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ECO II 2306 Stator – For 5″ + 6″ Propeller Racing, Freestyle, and Cinematic HD Camera-Equipped Crafts

The engineers at EMAX are always seeking ways to design the ultimate motor with brushless technology. In their efforts, they produced the ECO II Series, a new line of brushless motors further improving on the performance and durability while retaining the same affordability.

Redesigned from the ground up, the ECO II boasts an all new architecture. With a more rounded design paired together with thicker reinforcements, maximum durability is achieved. Finished with a reflective surface, the ECO II offers a sleek modern design destined to satisfy the need for both aesthetics and durability.

In order to improve the performance from its predecessor, the ECO II utilizes N52SH arc magnets over prior N48 magnets, allowing more powerful throttle response and higher RPMs to be achieved. More torque and thrust is generated, allowing pilots the flexibility to comfortably meet the demands of any racetrack or flight situation.

The ECO II Series marks the next evolution in affordable brushless motor technology, bringing in a new era of performance for everyone.

The ECO II Series motors feature:

A brand new design with a rounded bell and stronger attachment points for increased durability.
Fully mirror-polished finish that shines and glistens with even the smallest hint of light.
Upgraded N52SH curved arc magnets for tighter airgap and better performance.
EZO 9mm bearing for unparalleled smooth operation.
16x16mm motor mounting

Framework: 12N14P
Length: 31.5mm
Diameter: 28mm
No. of cells: 3-6s
Max Thrust: 1850g (on 6s)
Propeller: 5-5.5″
Weight: 30.4g (w.o silicone wire)
Prop adapter shaft thread M5

Parts included
M3x8mm screw: 5pcs
M3x7mm screw: 5pcs
M3x6mm screw: 5pcs
Aluminum M5 Nylock nut: 1pc
Washer and screw for shaft: 1pc

Additional information

1700, 1900, 2400kv

1700kv, 1900kv, 2400kv


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