Digital battery checker Cellmeter 7

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Cellmeter 7

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Digital Battery Capacity Voltage Checker Rc Cellmeter 7 For Lipo Life Li-ion Nimh Nicd Battery

Case: Black Plastic
Size: 84 * 50 * 16mm
Battery Type: NiCd / NiMH, Li-Po, LiFe, Li-ion
Cell Number: NiCd / NiMH (4 – 7 Cells), Lithium Type (2 – 7 Cells)
Display Mode: Battery cell voltages, total voltages, lowest cell voltage, Highest cell voltage between highest cell voltage and lowest cell voltage, Remaining battery capacity(%)
Display: 2.1″ x 1″

How To Use
Use with LiPo and LiFe Li-ion, NiMH, and Nicd batteries.

Cell Number: NiCd/NiMH (4-7 Cells), Li-ion (2-7 Cells)

Press the Key “TYPE” to choose LIPO, LIFE, LI-ION respectively. Test battery cell voltages, total voltages, min cell voltage, max cell voltage, voltage gap between max cell voltage and min cell voltage, remaining battery capacity(%)

The other two “TYPE” ‘NiMH’ and ‘Nicd’, can only test total voltage.

Pressing the “CELL” button will display each cell voltage.

Press the Key “MODE”, Total Voltage, Max Cell Voltage, Minimum Cell Voltage, Voltage Gap Between Highest Cell Voltage and Lowest Cell Voltage, Remaining Battery Capacity(%) will be shown.

1* Battery Checker
1* User manual

Made in China

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Weight 1.8 oz
Dimensions 3.4 × 2.2 × .75 in


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