BLACK #1.9 EPP custom cut

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#1.9 Black EPP foam sheet

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I have large blocks of #1.9 Black EPP in stock.  See below for pricing.

I am able to slice or hot wire cut 3mm up to 6 inches in thickness.  All sheets from 3mm up to 1 inch will be cut with our slicing machine.  Any foam over 1 inch thick will be cut to thickness with the hot wire CNC.  If you need anything over 1 inch cut without the hot wire skin, please let me know.  We can do this, however there is an extra step in our process to make this happen.

Please allow an extra 2-3 days delay before shipping due to custom cutting this foam.  Due to our limited storage, we keep the large blocks on hand and cut on demand.  We will ship it as soon as possible.

Large orders might be delayed due to needing to acquire more foam from our supplier.

Message me for a quote or if you have any questions.

All sheets are 24″ x 36″
3mm = $4.10
6mm = $6.90
9mm = $9.95
1/2″ = $12.22
1″ = $21.57
2″ = $34.76


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