BBX1-8S Battery checker

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bbx1-8s battery checker

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Easy to access push button.
Push button can change the low voltage settings and save.
Works with any 1-8S Lipo/Li-Fe battery through the balance connector.
Small and portable low voltage alarm.
Extra loud buzzer!
The LED will cycle through the total voltage as well as individual cell voltages.
Plastic shell to protect electronics.
Large and clear front display.
Accurate display and easy to connect.
Compact easy to carry design.

NOTE: Ground pin is on the left side.

Alarm set value range: 2.7V-3.8V
Unit voltage display range: 0.5V-4.5V
Total voltage display range: 0.5V-36V
Cell count: 1-8s LiPo battery
Size: 40.5mm x 28.75mm x 13.25mm
Weight: 13g

Package Information:
Package size: 95mm x 50mm x 14mm
Package weight: 14g / 0.5oz

Package List:
1 * BBX1-8S Voltage Tester

Additional information

Weight.5 oz
Dimensions2.5 × 2 × .6 in


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