Alligator Clips (pair of red and black)

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alligator clips

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A pair of red and black alligator clips.

1.6″ long x 0.48″ tall x 0.35″ wide (measured with sleeve on)

No wires attached.
1 black and 1 red insulating sleeve included and attached to clips.

Ready to crimp or solder (recommended) a wire to the alligator clips.
Can be used for testing batteries, connect chargers, or other electrical uses.

To remove insulating sleeve, clamp on to something thick like a stack of papers to hold the jaws open. Then slip the sleeve off the back to expose the area where you can crimp or solder a wire. Be sure to put the sleeve on the wire before attaching it to the clip.

Additional information

Weight.2 oz
Dimensions1.75 × 1.5 × .5 in


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