3k Carbon Fiber TUBE 14mm x 12mm x 1000mm *GLOSSY finish*

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CF TUBE 14mm x 12mm x 1000mm

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Discontinued.  We decided to discontinue the glossy 3k in favor of the matte finish.  Customers explained the matte finish is better when trying to splice pieces together.  If there is enough demand, we might bring back the glossy in the future.

These 3k twill glossy Carbon Fiber TUBES are great for reinforcing models or other arts and crafts.  Use them in the wings, fuselage, or other parts of the model.
This tube is used as a wing spar for some planes and also used in 3D printed planes such as the 3D Lab Print planes.

NOTE:  New picture will be posted soon.

Outer Diameter 14mm
Inner Diameter 12mm
Length 1000mm (1 meter)

(please note due to a bug in the plugin for my website, the additional information is showing the rods to be 36″ long.  This is so the plugin will calculate shipping the CF with the sheets of foam properly.  The CF is actually 1 meter (39.37″) long.)

Made in China

Additional information

Weight2.29 oz
Dimensions36 × .551 × .551 in


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