120cm (1200mm / ~47.24″) Wingspan – FX707S Albatross Glider – Molded for RC

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120cm – FX707S – Glider

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1200mm wingspan – FX707S Albatross Glider – Molded for RC
780mm long fuselage.
Comes with everything required to assemble on site in about 10 minutes for hand toss gliding.
Molded from EPO foam.

Looking to convert it to RC?  There are several videos on YouTube explaining how to convert this to RC.  Search for FX707S conversion.  This glider is molded for RC, so the conversion should be easier than LIDL solid foam gliders.
There are two servo bays under the wing for your rudder and elevator and each wing has a bay for servos.  The fuselage also has the runs for the control wires molded going back to the elevator and rudder.  The wings also have the servo wire runs already molded in place.
The servo bays in the fuselage for the rudder and elevator measure 20mm (L) x 9mm (W) x 17mm (deep).
Servo bays in the wings measure 19mm (L) x 17mm (W) x 8.5mm (deep)

The control surfaces are molded and ready to accept small control horns, however they are not cut away from the wing.

This is molded for two motors, one on each wing.  There is no mounting hardware for the motor.  You will need to 3D print motor mounts or some people have just chopped off the front nose and installed a larger single motor up front similar to what people do on the LIDL gliders.

For landing gear there is a foam bumper on the bottom.  There is a plastic slot in the bottom where you could make your own landing gear and slide it in.  It measures 30mm across x 2.3mm wide x 19.7mm deep

What’s included:
Fuselage, wings, horizontal stabilizer, vertical stabilizer, canopy, and wing cover.
Carbon fiber main wing spar (Longer 610mm long tube)
Carbon fiber body reinforcement (Shorter 430mm long tube) inserted through the tail.
Package of screws, hardware, and screwdriver
Sheet of stickers

Gliding Weight out of the box:  288 grams (10.16oz) without stickers applied.

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Weight12 oz
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