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Opening Day

Today is the day!  Hurray!  I will be populating the quantities later today.  We should be ready by this evening.
I will be running a few final tests this afternoon before I allow sales to customers.  I need to be sure everything is in good working order.

We have a limited edition of 10mm #1.3 EPP available, unfortunately our 9mm is on backorder.  I will get the 9mm as soon as possible.

In this picture, you can see the stacks of foam.  Yes, our dining room is a bit messy because we’ve been so focused on getting the foam ready for you!  🙂
What you see in this picture is about half of what we actually have available.

Thanks to everyone who have expressed interest in purchasing EPP foam!  You are all wonderful.

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3mm EPP Already cut


Great news, I’m sorting through all the #1.3 EPP foam I picked up a few days ago from my vendor.  So far we’ve already cut the 3mm down to size and have it ready for sale.  I’ll populate the quantity on the website sometime on Monday.  Check out this stack of 3mm foam.  Today we’ll be cutting a whole lot more foam and hope to have it all ready for Monday.

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EPP will soon be available

Great news!  I picked up my first load of EPP today.  My first impression is wow, this stuff looks great.  I will know more in the next few days as I go through all of it and cut it down to size.  I’m really excited and hope I have enough for everyone who is asking about it.  I am already talking to my vendor about a second order which will include some #1.9 and maybe some black #1.3.

My vendor and I also talked about adhesives.  He gave me a sample of something I’ve never tried before.  I’m doing some testing on the EPP over the next few days.  If it works, I’ll talk more about it later.

I’m still hoping to have sheets of EPP available for sale by Monday or sooner.

Thanks to everyone for your support, suggestions, and help.  Visit us on Facebook too.


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New Launch Date

Thank you for visiting Wind Catcher RC!
We are pushing our launch date back one week to Monday, 25 June, due to technical difficulties that are out of our control.  Our vendor is having some issues.  We are working through the details to ensure I can bring you the best quality product that we can provide.

Also, I’m hoping in August to also be able to provide #1.9 EPP.  Let me know if there is a lot of interest for this.

I’m also researching other types of foam that might be good for the RC community.

I have a foam cutting CNC with hot wire and mill.  Later this year I will be creating RC Plane kits and also various types of wings for sale too.  I hope to be able to do custom work as long as it fits in the capabilities of my CNC.

Thanks for checking out Wind Catcher RC, your new source for EPP foam.

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Hello Everyone!  Welcome to Wind Catcher RC.  I am getting everything ready and hoping to have EPP foam for sale by Monday, 18 June.

I am starting with a small batch of #1.3 EPP foam to get the business started.  Nearly all my profits from this first lot of foam will be put back into the business so I can have more stock and also eventually get #1.9 EPP.  I am also looking into other types of foam that might help out the RC hobby.

Hit the SHOP button above to check out what I will have available.  I am still deciding on pricing, however I think these prices are what I will start out with.

One issue I’m running into is how to best ship the foam to customers.  Boxes are a lot more expensive than anticipated.  I am trying to find the best option that can save my customers money.  Currently it looks like a 36″x24″x6″ box is about $4 each once I get it.  If anyone has any suggestions one how best to ship the foam or where to buy inexpensive boxes, please leave it in the comments.

I also have several RC plane design prototypes.  I am hoping to eventually have those for sale on this website.

Thanks for visiting and please come back soon.

Lee Krieger

Wind Catcher RC