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Progress on the Citabria, 9mm, and more.

The 4′ EPP Citabria is coming along, though slower than I anticipated due a few issues.  The angle of my hotwire CNC is not as sharp as I would like.  It took me a few days to figure out a different way to cut out part of the wing section.  I finally got it a few days ago.  I am also having some software glitches with my plugin I use for getting the g-code for the mill on my CNC.  That issue I think is now solved too as of a few hours ago today.  I’m making progress, though slower than I had hoped.  I can say, though, that I am quite happy so far with the wing.  If everything goes well tomorrow, fingers crossed, I should have the wing completely cut out of EPP.  I’ll try to get a picture up in another day or two.

I have the 9mm already cut to dimension.  I have not had the time to get it up for sale here on the website.  I should have that up sometime on Wednesday.

Black EPP is in the process of getting ordered.  I am waiting for the final quote from my supplier, then I’ll send them the money.  Hopefully we’ll have a lot of black EPP for sale soon too.

Please check us out on Facebook and give us a LIKE.  Facebook is currently the best method of contacting us.  I will eventually have an email form customers can fill out.

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UPS added

Happy Independence Day!  I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe holiday while celebrating our nation’s freedom.

UPS is now available as a choice for shipping.  I found that the smaller packages under 6″ tend to be cheaper using USPS, however once we hit around 6″ in thickness UPS seems to be cheaper.  This also might vary a bit based on your location/zone.  I always have local pickup available too, or if you live close enough, maybe I can meet you somewhere with your order.  Contact me for more details.

BTW, I don’t live far from Toledo, so if you are attending the Toledo show in April, I can meet you there too.



I am still working out the details of the Citabria.  I hope to finish a prototype of the wings today and tomorrow.  If this work out, I’ll have pictures of the wings up here by the weekend.

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10mm, Citabria, Wheels, and Custom Cases

This has been a busy week with launching the website and talking to various people from around the country.  Many great ideas are coming from great people.  Thank you to everyone who is helping me out and giving me suggestions.

First, please hop over to Sawn Craft and check out the planes they make.  Very cool!  Those micros look like they would be a blast indoors.  I might pick up a few for this winter.  I also plan to buy the Aura soon.

10MM #1.3 EPP
I have limited quantities of 10mm, #1.3, EPP, available.  This was setup for sale a few minutes ago and should be ready for anyone who would like to purchase it.

I have many different RC plane designs in various stages that I would like to eventually get into production and sell on this website.  The other day I saw for the first time and fell in love with the Citabria.  So, I am adding the Citabria to the collection and now in the design stage, however I love this plane so much that I think I will work on making it the first available in EPP.  This will be about a 4′ wingspan.  It should run on a 3s – 2200mah battery.  It will be an electric motor that is about 480 size give or take a size up or down.  I’ll know more once I cut out the EPP and get a better feel for the weight.  I hope to cut the first prototype out next week.

I found the American Champion Aircraft website to be very cool.  Check out the different color schemes and paint options for the full scale Citabria.

I will begin making custom wheels.  I might have a prototype by next week to show everyone, so come back and take a look at what will be available.  My wheels will be EPP and begin at 4″ inches in diameter and go up from there.

I am waiting on some samples of a different kind of foam that I will be cutting and customizing transmitter cases.  If you have a favorite transmitter that you would like a custom case for it, let me know and we can work out the details of color, size, and the different levels of customizing I can do for you.

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UPS and Pictures

I plan to add UPS as a method of shipping.  I’m hoping to get to this in the next day or two.  I now have a business account with UPS.

If you are buying in bulk, please contact me I will give a discount for large orders.

For now, the best method to contact me is through Facebook using the link on the right.

I will soon carry #1.3 EPP in black also!

I also plan to update the pictures of the EPP in the next few days.

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“Doors” are open!

We are officially ready to start selling EPP foam.  I still have some work to do to the website like updating the pictures for the products.  I will get to this in the next few days.  I also have some 10mm foam in limited quantities.  I’ll have this updated and ready for sale soon too.