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New Launch Date

Thank you for visiting Wind Catcher RC!
We are pushing our launch date back one week to Monday, 25 June, due to technical difficulties that are out of our control.  Our vendor is having some issues.  We are working through the details to ensure I can bring you the best quality product that we can provide.

Also, I’m hoping in August to also be able to provide #1.9 EPP.  Let me know if there is a lot of interest for this.

I’m also researching other types of foam that might be good for the RC community.

I have a foam cutting CNC with hot wire and mill.  Later this year I will be creating RC Plane kits and also various types of wings for sale too.  I hope to be able to do custom work as long as it fits in the capabilities of my CNC.

Thanks for checking out Wind Catcher RC, your new source for EPP foam.

2 thoughts on “New Launch Date

  1. Can you hot wire cut these for us?
    main wing.. white foam..
    multiple 27” span sections
    4 ea. of #1, #2, #3 and #7
    6 ea. of #5
    2 of #4 and #6

    no wash out… root and tip the same
    Canard… white foam
    2 ea. 26” span… straight canard panels
    no wash out … root and tip the same

    1. Hello Steven Gray, I sent you an email reply requesting more information. My initial thoughts are that it sounds like I can help you out, however I had some questions about your project. I hope we can work something out. Thanks for contacting Wind Catcher RC about your project.

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