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FPVWRA Spec Wing and Citabria update

FPVWRA Spec Wing Class
I was contacted recently if I could make a Spec wing for FPVWRA.  After looking into this a bit more I realized this is something I could do relatively quickly.  This might become my first production plane available.  I made an entire kit and sent it out for review to Bob over at Thrust FPV.  I am not satisfied with my current motor mount.  I might beef it up a little more.  I’ll wait to see what Bob says after he flies it.  I’m hoping he’ll have this plane built and flying in time for the ReadyMade RC FPV Fest in September.  I will wait for his feedback before I start making more to sell.  Keep an eye this website in the next few weeks for updates on the Spec Wing.

Research and development of the Citabria was put on hold recently in order to work out the details for the Spec Wing.  I was able to fully assemble the Citabria and give it a toss about a week ago.  I’m using a PowerUp 480+ electric motor on a 3s-2200mah battery.  I think it is over powered, but I didn’t have enough time to really know for sure.  :)

I knew the motor mount was weak, however I was in a hurry to get it out to the field for testing.  I didn’t realize just how weak until about 10s into the flight I gave it up elevator and hammered the throttle.  The plane didn’t go very far, but the motor sure did!  haha  The plane then flipped over inverted and amazingly floated gently to the ground.  There were only 2 small pieces of foam that came off the plane where the motor ripped out.  I already have a new plan in place to have my CNC cut out a proper firewall with reinforcements that go back into the fuselage like it should have been in the first place.   This will most likely happen sometime next week.  I might even get proper landing gear on the plane too.

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3mm EPP Already cut


Great news, I’m sorting through all the #1.3 EPP foam I picked up a few days ago from my vendor.  So far we’ve already cut the 3mm down to size and have it ready for sale.  I’ll populate the quantity on the website sometime on Monday.  Check out this stack of 3mm foam.  Today we’ll be cutting a whole lot more foam and hope to have it all ready for Monday.