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FPVWRA Spec Wing cores with balsa elevons.

We finally have the FPVWRA Spec Wings ready for sale. To get started, we are selling the #1.3 EPP wing cores with elevons only. This is not a complete kit. We are working out the details for the complete kit which should be finished very soon. Our first kit put up for sale for the 2018 year… just hours before 2019. 🙂

To check out what is FPVWRA, click HERE.

To go shopping and buy the first several Spec Wing cores, click HERE.

FPVWRA Spec Wing
Spec Wing

2 thoughts on “FPVWRA Spec Wing cores with balsa elevons.

  1. Looking for pricing

    1. Hello Guy, thanks for asking about the price. The Spec Wing cores with elevons are $34.99.
      You can find them in our store through this link.

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